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Products Features Introduction
device is considered as the very developed version as it is an output of hard working years, and many experiments and researches, and different scientific theories to present this device which works with double power and absolute effectiveness in the most difficult kinds of soil to resist all the environmental and topography conditions as it is provided with fundamental constituents and fantastic technology in development which makes it a special device worth complete confidence in detection wherever you are.
Key Product Features
The device works with the modern geological survey system in our factories and grantee a double power to the device to make it with great effectiveness and machinery. The device supported with immovable with tidy connections to give stability in working and speed in performance to fruitful a succeed detection.
Main features of this gold detector
1) lightweight.
2) designed for the difficult tasks.
3) easy to work and use.
4) The possibility of discrimination and detect each metal separately.
5) detects the device and the treasures of gold and gold ore with high sensitivity, high accuracy and distinguish between them.
6) determines the depth of the target and the center point with complete precision.
7) the device can detect through soil and air together.
8) measures the size of the target device explorer in the ground.
9) equipped with allergy-mail system to adjust the sensitivity of the device.
10) the device audio indicators alert the presence of the target and confirm his place.
11) gives the device audio indicators to confirm the presence of the target and connotation.
12) advantage and provider operating systems to purify the incoming and outgoing signals.
13) equipped with two of the receiver so he could hunt signal easily.
14) The device features the visible signs steering towards the target accurately.
15) The presence More genius way to get to the target and locate it accurately.
16) The device contains a pistol-mail to discover the power line
7 000 TL
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